Yahoo News / Artist’s wave photos make big splash

Photographer Sean Hunter Brown captured these stunning wave images from different locations around Laguna Beach, Calif., with the aid of a waterproof encased camera and a great eye for light. His work will be on display at the 46th Annual Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach, running from June 29 through Sept. 2.

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Laguna Beach Patch / A Big Splash: Photog Makes Jaw-Dropping Images of Water

Laguna Beach photographer Sean Hunter Brown’s favorite subject may not seem all that interesting, let alone something you’d want to plop down hard-earned money for a print of.

The man snaps pics of water.

Not tap water, placid lakes or babbling brooks, though. This surfer shoots the surf.

Huffington Post / Surf Photography From Laguna Beach To Debut At Sawdust

Sean Hunter Brown will show you the ocean in ways you’ve never seen before.

For more than 27 years, Brown has been a surfing enthusiast, but only recently has he begun to show his unique perspective of the water through photography. / Artist Sean Hunter Brown to Debut Photos At Sawdust Festival

Photographer and Laguna Beach native, Sean Hunter Brown, has the eye for a good wave.
As a self-proclaimed surf-junkie for more than 27 years, he’s seen his share of them. But unlike most surfers, he prefers to search for the perfect wave in the shallows.

And he likes his hometown waves best.