Laguna Beach Patch / A Big Splash: Photog Makes Jaw-Dropping Images of Water

Laguna Beach photographer Sean Hunter Brown’s favorite subject may not seem all that interesting, let alone something you’d want to plop down hard-earned money for a print of.

The man snaps pics of water.

Not tap water, placid lakes or babbling brooks, though. This surfer shoots the surf.

Ahhh, but then you see his work, and you instantly realize that Brown’s images of breaking waves and foamy crests aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. These are extreme close-up shots that make you feel like you’re not only right there in the water, but actually part of the liquid. Detailed droplets fly off, froth dances beneath a blazing sun, and Heisler Park and other Laguna Beach landmarks look like they’re about to be swallowed by a tsunami. All of his photos are taken in the Laguna Beach surf.

Like most art, this takes patience to create.

“I’ve gone out for two or three hours and come back with 900 shots and gotten nothing. I’ll come back with 200 and have five, so you never know,” Brown tells the site Neon Tommy in this piece.

Brown will be selling his prints at the Sawdust Festival this summer. Check out his website here.

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